Introducing — Air Review: “Waiting Lessons”

From my earliest days of supporting and being obsessed with music, I have had a weakness for the piano. Something about a wonderful melody that’s plinked out on those black-and-white keys melts any initial resistance I might begin the listening experience with. Enter Dallas band Air Review, who have just such a gorgeous piano melody that carries the subtle but gripping song “Waiting Lessons”. Throw in some lovely chimes and steady male vocals and I’m smitten. Not fair, Air Review.

“Waiting Lessons” builds nicely with the gentle hum of a keyboard synth in support, and some subdued percussion. Then, in about the last minute, things pick up a bit — we hear some acoustic guitar strum, some more aggressive drumming and then, a nice fade to black. It’s a well-crafted tune about learning how to be patient; How to cherish the yearning that comes with being separated from someone you love. A solid effort from this Texan quintet.

Mouse over the album art to listen to and/or download “Waiting Lessons”

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