1,2,3: “Riding Coach”

Longtime readers of the blog will remember how much I dug Pittsburgh natives 1,2,3 and their three fantastic singles in 2010. We did an interview with half of the dynamic duo — drummer Josh Sickels — in May of last year. Well since then, the band has signed to Frenchkiss Records, who also house another TWJ favorite, Freelance Whales. And late last month, the band released its newest single, a slow-burn style rocker entitled “Riding Coach”.

The song further expands the band’s musical palette. They’ve rocked out plenty thus far, and they’ve done the retro-soul vibe remarkably well, too. With “Riding Coach”, Sickels pounds out a slow, steady beat and Nic Snyder’s near-falsetto vocals massage the ears with rhythm and soul. About two-thirds of the way through, there’s a funky little guitar riff before the pair chill out again. Absorb the cool below, and check out their earlier work as well!

Also, check out a wonderful interview that our good friends at Draw Us Lines, a wonderful source for good tunes from the Burgh and beyond, did with 1,2,3 not too long ago.

1,2,3 – Riding Coach by The Wounded Jukebox

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