Generationals: “Ten-Twenty-Ten”

It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard about Generationals. Some of TWJ’s colleagues and role models had raved about some of the tracks floating around by the New Orleans duo. But for whatever reason, seeing those blurbs never turned into exploration. Consider that situation remedied. I realize now, after listening to “Ten-Twenty-Ten” (and all the other tracks I’d missed) that Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer are making some wonderful indie-pop music that borrows from the best of sunny 1960s pop and gives it a bit of an update for the 2010s.

The guitar riff on “Ten-Twenty-Ten” is catchy. The rhythm is groovy. The song as a whole is a shimmering load of fun. And the video sort of looks like the people who made Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” video traveled forward in time, added some internet memes and a little bit of 1980s VHS flavor to create a simplistic but endearing visual. All in all, Generationals do good work. Check it out below.

“Ten-Twenty-Ten” by Generationals by forcefieldpr

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