Saint Saviour: “Fallen Trees”


I love this song.  And she reminds me of a girl I kissed twice.  Becky Jones is Saint Saviour, front woman from Groove Armada’s Black Light and the RGBs.  She’s got a voice that melds Antony, Kate Bush, Shara Worden and Annie Lennox and onstage dance moves that rival them all.  Usually, she’s a fan of the extravagant, wrapping herself and her music in fancy fair trappings that reach to the ceiling.  But on “Fallen Trees”, taken from the Love Will Tear Us Apart single, she is desolate except for some black baubles and stag earings.  The piano and strings that neatly step into place behind her are simply the best.  Better than all the rest.  I don’t care if it will tear me apart, I love this song.

Fallen Trees by Saint Saviour 

Anatomy (Saint Saviour’s new Anatomy EP is available now)

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