Video: Behind Sapphire – “Oh My, What A Fine Day”

Behind SapphireApparently, wide angle shots and pretty girls in wild fields are all it takes to tear down the guarded fortress that is Matt.  With keys of string and ivory, this song by Canadian Pop outfit Behind Sapphire slipped past my defenses.  “Oh My, What A Fine Day” is the last track from their self-titled debut album.  The matching video, features Jodelle Ferland (she was in Twilight? I have no idea what this is) and lots of running in slippers.  But the tempo and pacing for it, matches the song far too perfectly.  The video was produced by Amazing Factory Productions, the same crew that did Yukon Blonde’s “Wind Blows”, which Sean featured a little while back.  Bu you’ll notice the camera and lighting treatments are similar, kinda golden.  Download the track, click the link to stream the album and watch the nightgowns flow below.

Behind Sapphire – Oh My, What A Fine Day by musebox

Sure, what the heck.

**Stream the self-titled Behind Sapphire here**

Behind Sapphire

(Behind Sapphire is available now)

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