Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: “Morning Thought”

It’s exciting news that Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. — a band with one of the goofiest names and also the heaviest buzz — are finally going to be releasing a full-length album. The Detroit duo has criss-crossed genres at times, but are best at making super-melodic, very endearing electronic pop. If “Morning Thought”, the first single from It’s A Corporate World (due June 7 on Quite Scientific Records), is any indication, the band figures to keep getting much-deserved praise.

“Morning Thought” layers electric guitars on top of synths and vocal samples, and moves along on a steady drumbeat until, for the final third of the song, there are some delightful background harmonies that jump into the mix. It’s a really strong track that’s certainly worth repeated listens. Lyrically, it seems to be about a partnership where one person overthinks every decision while the other just does, man. Give a listen.

Morning Thought by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Also, check out this incredible clip for “Nothing But Our Love”, from the pair’s Horse Power EP, which is the coolest music video I’ve seen in a very long time.

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