Times New Viking: “No Room To Live”

The two words I would’ve used to describe Times New Viking when I first heard them almost 7 years (wow) ago? Loud and fuzzy. The band was heavy on the distortion, and even though there was always a good melody underneath, it kept me from fully embracing them. But they are from Columbus, my hometown, and so I always held a special place in my heart for this band. I followed their successes, the inevitable hype that young, gifted bands receive. I was happy for them.

But I’ll be honest. Until recently, I’d lost track of Times New Viking. When I learned they’d signed to Merge Records — home of some other really talented bands — I was intrigued. And now that I’ve heard “No Room To Live”, the first single from that forthcoming record for Merge, Dancer Equired, I must say I’m ready to fall in love all over again. The melodies are still there, but the fuzz is slightly mellowed. Still loud, but closer to 7 or 8 on the volume dial than 10 or 11.

Adam Elliott and Beth Murphy team up for some delightful male-female vocal harmony, and Jared Phillips provides some nice lo-fi guitar licks. The song is catchy and fun, and still maintains the band’s raw and earnest rock style.

Also, how could I not love that the band released a short (very short, in fact) film entitled “Hello, we are Times New Viking from Columbus, Ohio”. It features pieces of a few different tracks from TNV’s new record and some visuals from… drumroll… Columbus! Check out “No Room To Live” and its trippy half-animated video, along with the aforementioned short film below!

“No Room To Live” by Times New Viking by forcefieldpr

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