Power: “Sold My Soul”

Not only do we admire fun and talented musicians here at The Wounded Jukebox. We appreciate the ambitious ones, too. Well, Detroit duo Power have an awfully lofty goal in mind for the next year– beginning today, they will provide listeners with one song each week, available for free download. Now some artists take years to release 52 songs to the public, let alone 52 free ones.

The challenge, obviously, is to keep the quality at a level that maintains interest while avoiding being repetitive. Judging by “Sold My Soul”, Power are game to give this task a try. They’ll make one song available on their website each week, with past weeks available for those who are late to the party.

“Sold My Soul” is a funky march to the beat of a very quirky drummer. There’s a steady beat, an off-kilter guitar riff and a catchy, repeated chorus. I’m looking forward to what Power produce throughout the year. Keep an eye on em, cause I bet the results will be rather enjoyable.

Power – Sold My Soul by The Wounded Jukebox

BONUS! Check out “Billy The Kid” as well.

Power – Billy The Kid by The Wounded Jukebox

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  1. #1 by Mikezilla on March 18, 2011 - 3:58 AM

    DUDE! They totally asked me to do a remix to this song and I posted it to my soundcloud here.

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