Son Lux: “Desert” (Liz Janes cover)

We featured Liz Janes on our Super Bowl mix back in February. Her album Say Goodbye, released late last year by Sufjan Stevens-owned label Asthmatic Kitty, is a lovely display of Janes’ capable songwriting and sometimes-subdued style. One might be surprised that Janes, an artist unknown to many, now has an album of covers dedicated to her with such performers as My Brightest Diamond, Fol Chen and the subject of this post, Son Lux.

This cover of “Desert”, one of Janes’ early songs, is a pretty magical turn. There are the melodic sounds of windchimes throughout, and vocals slowly emerge onto the landscape before settling back into the ether near the end of this 3-minute gem. It really is a lovely and compelling tune.

The album of Janes covers, entitled Time and Space, is available for a mere $5 on bandcamp, and deserves to be listened to. Grab “Desert” below to whet your appetite.

Son Lux – Desert (Liz Janes cover) by The Wounded Jukebox

Also, check out the simple but wonderful video for “Anchor”, from Janes’ solo record Say Goodbye

[Son Lux MySpace]  [Liz Janes MySpace] [Time and Space on Bandcamp]


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