Kimbra: Smoky Soul


Can I do a wordless post?  Can I?  Is that even allowed in the blogosphere?  Cause I feel like they’d just take up the much needed space I could be using to show you her music.  Words are wasted trying to peg Kimbra (Johnson) down to a musical style.  Where some bands need a bit of explanation, building an expectation before you hear Kimbra is frivolous.  The Melbourne, Australia via Hamilton, New Zealand 20-year old is a Nina Simone disciple in all the best ways.

Settle Down by Kimbra

Kimbra – Settle Down (Penguin Prison) by forum5recordings

Cameo Lover by Kimbra

Nina Simone cover of “Plain Gold Ring”

Good Intent by Kimbra

Miami Horror ft. Kimbra – I Look To You by omg_its_jewels

Her album Vows, is due out in 2011

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  1. Video: Kimbra – “Cameo Lover” « The Wounded Jukebox

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