Tyson: “Out Of My Mind”

Tyson - Out Of My Mind

Travel back in time with me, won’t you? A time when Crocket and Tubbs were the most popular crime-fighting duo around. A time when Tom Cruise still made the ladies swoon, particularly while rocking aviator sunglasses and exiting a fighter jet with “Danger Zone” playing in the background. A time when cocaine use was dangerously recreational. Yes, travel back with me. I’ve got just the song to transport you there.

Tyson’s “Out of My Mind” reminds me of several 80’s groups that I can’t quite put my finger on. But I don’t really need to when I’m enjoying the wonderfully simple and rhythmic tune. I feel as though Axel Foley could casually stroll into a strip club hunting for bad guys with this playing in the background. Alright, enough cultural references. Tyson has pledged to bring back glamor and grit. Just read this quote from him, which I think is spot on when listening to “Out of My Mind”.

“People forgot how to be stars… I’m trying to bring back authentic analogue music that sounds real. I wanted to make something horrible and very, very nasty, so when people heard it they would say ‘urgh’ but in a good way…”

This song does make me say “Urgh.” In a fantastic way. It’s available on iTunes now, on vinyl May 9.

Tyson – Out Of My Mind by PurplePR

BONUS! You need a song for the trip back right? Well Star Slinger did a kickass remix. Check it out.

Tyson – Out Of My MInd [Star Slinger Remix] by PurplePR



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