Video: The Phantom Band – “Everybody Knows It’s True”

The Phantom Band Jan 2011

The Phantom Band is: Duncan Marquiss (guitar), Gerry Hart (bass), Andy Wake (keyboards), Rick Anthony (vocals), Damien Tonner (drums) and Greg Sinclair (née Yale, guitars).  But you wouldn’t know that easily.  They weren’t so named until 2006.  The Glasgow psychedelics dived beneath your attention by changing their band name every year or so (NRA, Les Crazy Boyz, Los Crayzee Boyz, Tower of Girls, Wooden Trees. In 2005, Robert Redford).  They’re not hunting the limelight, I’ll give them that.

“You can hear bands that are formed in order to get a record deal and get popular, you can hear it in the music and you can hear that in bands that definitely do not do that. The fact is that we were never big ‘showmen’. The whole thing about the name changes wasn’t to be cool or enigmatic, it was the opposite, we were trying to erase our history a bit, because we weren’t sure what we were doing, we were just messing around, we never formed a band with any aspirations, we were more of a collective than a band, it wasn’t settled, more just something do on a Friday night, have a couple of beers and make music and have fun,” says Andy Wake.

With this brand new video for “Everybody Knows It’s True”, I’d say they’ve evolved a bit, aiming more for flash than fame.  If a plumber took Salvia in an acid sandwich and went to a sculpture exhibit, you might come close to where the clip is coming from.  It’s tame compared to some other acid-trip productions out there, but it’s far past what you might expect.  Just enough to make it great.


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