Adam Taylor: “Jazzonia (Silver Tree)”

As his bio reads, Adam Taylor got into a fight with his older brother — who also happens to be his producer — on the first day of recording his sophomore record No Poet. There’s the small fact that Taylor’s older brother is Chad Taylor, who was a member of 90’s alt-rock staple Live back in the day. Well, Adam has songwriting chops of his own, and this track “Jazzonia (Silver Tree)” is a catchy rock nugget capable of getting stuck in one’s head after just a couple of listens.

All the information I have on Adam Taylor, a native of Lancaster, PA,  portrays him as somewhat of a goofball. A talented goofball. Taylor apparently writes all of his songs while driving, which while it is a different take on channeling inspiration, seems quite dangerous. I kid. He’s only 20 years old, and if this song is any indication, he’s got a pretty bright future. Check out the bitchin guitar hook and wonderful crooning of Adam Taylor’s “Jazzonia (Silver Tree)” below.

Adam Taylor – Jazzonia (Silver Tree) by The Wounded Jukebox

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