Jamie Woon: “Lady Luck”

Jamie Woon doesn’t come across as an overly confident fellow. With the voice that Woon, a 27-year old British musician, possesses, one couldn’t blame him if he was. The pipes alone on Mr. Woon would be enough to carry pretty much any song. But mix in the ghostly atmosphere that backs up “Lady Luck”, and you’ve got not only talent but intrigue with this solid track.

A good gauge of how good a voice a singer has — in my opinion — is to have them rein in the volume and see if their vocals still possess power. I can think of no better example for Woon than the video that has been circulating of him singing “Lady Luck” whilst making his way down a river in Cambodia. The vocals rise above the natural sounds in the background just a little, but never really reach a crescendo. But you can still hear the clarity — the strength — of Woon’s voice.

Check out “Lady Luck” and his self-made video below, along with the official video for his first single “Night Air”.

Jamie Woon – Lady Luck by SEFER

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