Introducing — Vincent Massive: “Motorway Suicide”

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From start to finish, Vincent Massive’s “Motorway Suicide” is just a well-constructed rock song. It sports two fantastic guitar riffs layered on top of one another, and chimes that accent the melody. And then there’s the shotgunned vocals that burst into restrained shouting, followed by a wonderful repeated bridge that slows things down but manages to rock out even harder.

It’s no surprise that this Leeds fivesome have cut their teeth on club scene in the UK. “Motorway Suicide” is the kind of song that could grab any audience, from the dude feigning indifference to the guy looking to headbang, and its interesting twists and turns would cause more than a few conversations to stop — heads would begin to nod, toes would begin to tap and, in lieu of any further resistance I imagine there would be bouncing and jumping and the like — and inspire a rush to the assembling mob around the stage.

What I’m trying to say is that this song, with energy that truly reminded me of Los Campesinos! first but then kept my attention with its very raw, irresistible guitar-rock chops, should be in everyone’s rotation. Give it a listen. Like now.

Vincent Massive – Motorway Suicide by The Wounded Jukebox

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