Justice: “Civilization”


Were you a fan?  Do you remember when their Cross album came to the U.S. in 2007, and “D.A.N.C.E.” and “DVNO” was the stuff that made your booty go clap?  Wellllllllll, the French duo is back, and they’re phoning it in.  Their single “Civilization”, with lyrics like The beating of a million drums/ The fire of a million guns/The mother of a million sons: Civilization, and terrible, terribly slow dragging verses in-between that lyrical genius of a chorus hook, make this a song solely for the girls that are ALREADY drunk, and will dance their high heels off to anything with a beat.  Which this really doesn’t even have, so perhaps the sloshed skirts would walk away from this one.  We usually don’t write about the music we frown upon here at TWJ, but with this one, we would just like to say: Go find your spirit animal Justice, and come back when you’re ready, cause this is low shelf.  We’ll wait another four years.

Civilization – Justice by Linksilver


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