Jonathan Boulet: Australian Toe-Dipper


A name like Jonathan Boulet isn’t a natural brain burr, sticking immediately into your lateral folds.  But once you listen to the wide variety of music this man-boy makes (and all of it excellently done) you’ll be singing Boulet at the top of your lungs like a Will Ferrell impression.  Remember the Robert Goulet skits?  No?  Really?  Ok.  Jonathan Boulet is a folk-pop/anthem rock musician from Australia (always makes ‘em more flavorful don’t it?).  He’s toured and performed with an amazing group of artists including Kate Nash, The Middle East, Tame Impala and Mumford and Sons, but believe me when I say, this guy could stand on his own, above them all.  He’s remixed, he’s produced, he’s recorded, he’s toured every inch of his continent and he’s most likely dated your sister.  Ask her.  You didn’t hear it from me.  And the songs he makes are the puzzle pieces to your want.  Want a blow-the-roof-off rocker?  Try “You’re A Animal”.  Want a tender feely pillow to rest your work-weary head on?  Try “North to South East to You”.  Want a hipster dancer beat you can flap your flannel armpits to?  Listen to “A Community Service Announcement”.  And it’s all GOOD!  Amazing.  The secrets Australia is keeping these days.  Jonathan Boulet released his self titled album back in ‘09, on which he played every instrument recorded, and he’s all set to release a new one, early 2011.

In this video for “North To South East To You”, the actors, including Jonathan Boulet himself (see if you can spot him) are doing what’s called “The Wall of Death”, where metal-heads just run full-tilt right at each other and get all personal with their body mass.

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