Contrakids: “Come Over”

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The endless train of interesting and pleasurable listens from Australia continues today with a pair of songs that graced our inbox recently. Contrakids are a trio that hail from Sydney, and they walk the fine line that exists with auto-tune. Done wrong, it can sound far too robotic and fake. Done well, it’s just a tool that adds character and intrigue.

Contrakids are the latter — the vocals here are compelling without being contrived, and the vibe makes me feel like I’m watching a band perform in a room hazy with smoke, with rolling synthlines and waves of percussion washing over me. If that’s a bit too abstract, just think chilled out but with something brewing underneath. That’s how both the tracks we offer here feel at first blush, and after repeated listens my ears were still enjoying themselves.

Check out “Come Over” and “Into You” below. Also, a google search reveals the band has a third song available here. It’s good too.

Come over by Contrakids

Into You by Contrakids




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