The Seedy Seeds: “Verb Noun”

Cincinnati band The Seedy Seeds blend instruments and styles to create a really neat electro-pop sound. You’ll hear guitars, banjos, synths, and both male and female vocals on their newest record Verb Noun. The album is a real treat to listen to, and it packs some nice surprises. We present the title track here, and it’s a wonderful example of just how textured the band’s sound really is. A nice drum loop and some catchy samples are then layered with strings of all kinds, including a cool orchestral swell near the song’s end.

The Seedy Seeds have criss-crossed the country on tour in recent weeks, and will be in Chicago and Lansing, Mich. tonight and tomorrow. After that, they’ll be much closer to home, playing right in TWJland on back-to-back nights — Columbus on Friday and Dayton on Saturday. If you’re in any of those locales, check this band out. I have a feeling their live show is quirky and fun, like the track “Verb Noun” that we offer here.

Also, check out the adorable-as-hell video for “Verb Noun” where the band rides around in the back of a moving truck while playing the song and goofing around. Awesome.

The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun by The Wounded Jukebox

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