Wolf Gang: “Something Unusual”

Who among us hasn’t felt the urge to be something — or someone — unusual? Finding something out of the ordinary that gives us a sense of self is one of the purest joys we can feel. It’s not usual to listen to as much music as those of us here at The Wounded Jukebox do, but we do it because we love it and enjoy the look on people’s faces when we play them something cool (or the comments people leave letting us know how much they loved a song).

Wolf Gang is a talented band out of London, and “Something Unusual” is the lead track from its upcoming album Suego Faults. When this track busts loose around the one-minute mark, it is with a cascade of keyboards and synths and percussion that its magic is unveiled. “Something Unusual” is full of life and energy, and the lyrics speak of feeling that urge, that pull to do something extraordinary, something different. Something… well you get the idea.

Suego Faults is slated for a June 27 release date, and the band offered up this track as a taste of what’s to come. It shimmers.

Wolf Gang – Something Unusual by wolfgang

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