Video: The Low Anthem – “Boeing 737”

The Low Anthem COLOR6

So you CAN’T judge an album by its cover?  Hmmph.  Go figure.  Everything on The Low Anthem’s Smart Flesh cover would have led me to believe they were taking a psychedelic trip back to 1960’s Art Deco impressionism.  Seems like something they would do.  Two seconds after you hit play on “Boeing 737” you’ll be falling down a 30 story building, passing witches on bikes and spinning houses on your way down.  It’s an inch of a song, but it’s a bright bright segment.  During the recording of the album, they set up in an old pasta sauce factory, a big empty thing.  The companion video is filmed in the same locale, in all manner of lighting and proximity.  Hooray for minimalism and frugality.  It seems to be The Low Anthem’s thing, but there could have been SO MUCH more done with a video for this gut-punching track.  Like a mountain.  In the middle of a sea.  That’s on fire.  Get this album, despite it’s looks.  It is epic.

The Low Anthem, Smart Flesh – “Boeing 737” by foundations

The Low Anthem, Smart Flesh – “Matter of Time” by foundations

az_14794_Smart Flesh_The Low Anthem (Smart Flesh is available now from Nonesuch Records)

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