Alina Orlova: “Lichoradka”


Ok fine.  So I have a wide-open weakness for redheads…and singing foreigners…and women…*cough*.  You see where I’m going with this.  But seriously, if a cute redhead came up and asked for a loaner heart, I’d give her mine.  They’re such an endangered species –supposed to be all gone by the year 3000.  Your offspring 10 generations from now will all be Brunette.  Ewww/Uggh.  So when a new single, from a new album by Alina Orlova the Lithuanian “contemporary electrobaroque folk pop” lark arrived in our inbox, I humbly accepted the responsibility.  If you’re a fan of Regina Spektor, Orlova is only a step further along the cultural trail, singing in Lithuanian, Russian AND English.  And she does it all with the piano and a voice that belongs to a Teenie-Bopper that just saw David Cassidy…no?…Ricky Martin…gay?…what?…well, whomever the hottie of the day might be.  Alina Orlova’s voice has enthusiasm and a passion that dips into vivid inflection every chance it gets.  Full disclosure: we’ve written about her before.  She’s a favored one.  And you can download the 1st American single; “Lichoradka” for free below.  It’s a sign that points to more electronic tinged music for her sophomore album.  This is a true example of music that doesn’t need to be understood, only enjoyed.  Give Alina Orlova a shot.

Alina Orlova – Lijo by Congoragazzo

Mutabor (Mutabor is available in the U.S. 6/13/11 from Fargo Records)

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