Beat Connection: Surf Noir EP

Beat Connection pic

Lordy lordy, this is a good one.  If you’re low on your reserves of Vampire Weekend, and tight on your budget for The Drums and Beach Fossils, you’re just in time to catch the Surf Noir EP from Seattle’s Beat Connection. Once again, the name might leave you wanting, but their songs will take and dump you in multi-colored ball pits of full-faced grins and whole-body laughter.  Jordan Koplowitz (music), Reed Juenger (production), vocalist Tom Eddy (vocals), Mark Hunter (bass) and Jarred Katz (drums) offer you an 8 song showcase of the best Summer music you’ll hear this year.  “Sunburn” is perfect to keep in your mind when you’re under the water; the instrumental track IS the pier and the dive AND the school of fish swimming by.  Immediately after, you’ll be greeted by by seagulls and the sound of water splashing with “In The Water”.  The longest track on the short-player is “Theme From Yours Truly”, an extended dance in the sunset.  “Silver Screen” and it’s synchronous beat/lyric chorus is the catchiest of them all, cleaning and decorating your brain when it comes to stay.  And it all ends with a whisper on “Same Damn Time”.  You’ll never understand where the time goes when you listen to Beat Connection.  The Surf Noir EP is a rare thing; a vacation for subconscious.

Surf Noir(Surf Noir EP is available as a label re-release 4/12/11 from Moshi Moshi Records)

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