James Vincent McMorrow: “If I Had A Boat”

The first thought I had when listening to Irish singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow was that his soft croon reminded me of Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon. Turns out, a lot of people have made that comparison, and with good reason. McMorrow is capable of communicating the same ache, the same longing, that made Vernon’s swoon-power so epic.

That is not to say McMorrow doesn’t have his own style. The rambling guitar and piano that accompany him, as well as some lovely banjo-pickin’, gives off an alt-country vibe at times. But the closest genre match for McMorrow is certainly folk — it’s the kind of music that best fits intimate settings, with whispered words and wry smiles exchanged between those listening.

McMorrow’s album Early In The Morning is out now on Vagrant Records, and it’s a charmer. You’ll find yourself swaying with happiness with both tracks we offer here. And if you fancy a dancier version, the magicians that make up Star Slinger have once again worked their magic with their “R&B Thug remix” of “If I Had A Boat”.

James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat by partisanpr

If I Had A Boat (Star Slinger’s R ‘n’ B Thug Mix) – James Vincent McMorrow by Star Slinger

03 Sparrow & the Wolf by jamesvmcmorrow

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