Rogue Valley: “Blueprints”

Rogue Valley are a five-piece outfit from Minneapolis, and they’ve recently completed what they call a “season album cycle.” What exactly does that mean, you say? Well, the band composed an album for the summer sun, the fall foliage, the winter chill and now, the spring awakening. And they’ve given them all away for free on their bandcamp page.

Rogue Valley make endearing indie folk music that incorporates plenty of interesting elements but keeps the focus on some dynamite melodies. Spring album False Floors is really something — it’s got the subtle touches of strings and keys coupled with lovely male and female vocals, and a little bit of grinding guitars with rockin drums, too. These songs will win you over just as the thaw goes in springtime — gradually, and with increasing warmth and whimsy. Stumbling upon Rogue Valley’s final seasonal chapter was a welcome surprise.

I’ll offer a couple samples here, but False Floors is worth absorbing as a whole. After all, it’s available for free-99.

Rogue Valley – Blueprints by The Wounded Jukebox

Rogue Valley – Icebox by The Wounded Jukebox

False Floors Cover Art

[Bandcamp]  [Facebook]  [Official Site]



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