Little Scream: “Cannons”

Montreal’s Laurel Sprengelmeyer, aka Little Scream is one of the brightest new stars out there making music. Her album The Golden Record was finally released Tuesday on Secretly Canadian records. The two songs that have been floating on the interwebs, “Cannons” and “The Heron and The Fox,” provide a pretty picture of just how diverse and wonderful the sounds are on Little Scream’s debut.

“Cannons” is full of sonic elements that both distort and enhance Sprengelmeyer’s voice at different points. The pounding, plinking piano sample that provides the break from the song’s guitar-crunch verses is a delight. There are twists and turns on “Cannons” that really make it a compelling listen. It’s the kind of song you could include on your jog through the park, your walk through crowded city streets or that mix you make for the girl you like to show her you like unique, inventive music too.

“The Heron and The Fox,” on the other hand, is light and airy, with Sprengelmeyer’s whispery but capable voice and her strumming guitar as the focus. It’s a wondrous little yarn she spins about the power of both love and heartbreak:

I told the stripper at the bar that the shots we got were magic / make a wish and they’ll come true / as she smiled her golden tooth glinted in the light / and I wondered what she wished for / I just wished for you / They say everything is possible, but I’ll know that it’s not true / Especially not when it comes to you

Those words are delivered with such subtlety and power, it’s hard not to fall under Little Scream’s spell. I fell in love pretty quickly.

Little Scream – Cannons by FBi Radio

Little Scream – The Heron and the Fox by Outside-Music

Check out these two fantastic videos, too. The first is a recording “The Heron and The Fox” in the backseat of a car. The second is the short film for The Golden Record‘s leadoff track “The Lamb.” Little Scream is currently on tour with Jose Gonzalez, then Timber Timbre and finally The Antlers.

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