Computer Magic: Electronic Fences EP

computer magic

Danielle Johnson, aka Computer Magic (taken from a Spinal Tap quote) made a big splash at 2011’s SXSW.  NME was enamored, calling her an electro Kimya Dawson.  The diminutive Brooklynite has been making music under the name Computer Magic just since December 2010, but already she has 4 EP’s to her credit, the first 3 of which are free to download at her site.  So very kind of her.  Her latest, and first hard copy of anything, is the Electronic Fences EP, a four song presentation of Velcro rhythms and sly lovelorn vocals.  “Electronic Fences” twinkles and takes a trip around the stars, Johnson’s wa-oos documenting the voyage.  “Found Out”  features big, round guitar samples with keyboard laying the railway to… “About You”.  It’s a meditation on loss, potential and otherwise.  It’s the weakest track on the short player, which isn’t saying much.  They’re all easy on the ears.  The grandiose “Running” is stand out; it’s length allowing it to stretch before it leaps into action.  It reminds me of another stupendous blonde-led-band making the rounds today.  I’ll be using its synth punches to pace my jogging attempts for the next couple months.

So after you download 3 EP’s worth of free music at her site (again, here), plunk down some change for her new Electronic Fences EP.  It’s quite good and beneficial to your sense of well-being.

Computer Magic / Electronic Fences by reesindiemusic

Running by Computer Magic

Computer Magic – Found Out (Panther Hands Remix) by Panther Hands


Computer Magic – The End of Time by crowlcrowlcrowl

Electronic Fences (The Electronic Fences EP is available now from White Iris Records)

[Website] [Facebook] [Myspace] [Danielle’s Blog]



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