The Gallery: “Ballroom of Broken Hearts”

In terms of Rolling Stone magazine’s contest to choose an unsigned band to grace its cover this summer, Wilbraham, Massachusets foursome The Gallery went the way of most Cinderella stories. That is, they were eliminated early. In the first round, in fact. But the band’s brand of plain-and-simple rock n’ roll hearkens back to artists like Tom Petty or Bruce Springsteen. If you wanna get a little more contemporary, think Drive-By Truckers or The Wallflowers. The point is, the band is worth enjoying.

“Ballroom of Broken Hearts” flexes its rock muscle slowly but ably. Singer Brendan Cooney’s voice feels familiar from the start. All the moving parts here — gritty electric guitar riffs, pounding percussion, some Rhodes piano and Cooney’s emotive croon — fit together very nicely. It’s not a song that’s going to blow you away, at least not initially, but it’s going to rope you in and gradually win you over. The band self-released a five-song EP called Come Alive not too long ago, and all the songs are solid rockers. Check out “Ballroom of Broken Hearts” and its accompanying video below, and check out “Catalyst” as well.

Ballroom of Broken Hearts by thegallerymusic

Catalyst by thegallerymusic

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