Vacationer: “Trip”

Sometimes something so neat pops into our inbox that it’s a battle over who gets to write about it. Matt would make out with this song. I’m more inclined to say I’d make out to this song. Now, experience a round trip in a bottle, one that “The eastern seaboard’s foremost relaxation specialists” cared enough to send our way. Both Matt and Sean felt compelled to offer commentary.

I wore a comfy shirt today.  One that fit and looked swell on me.  So as I sit here in my underwear and comfy shirt, after a long day of telling children to not throw pencils at the heads of their neighbors, I got the chance to hear “Trip”.  

As much as the lyrics might describe someone in need of stress relief, it all comes from a place of pure relaxation and enjoyment. With the ambient animal cries and simple sitcom segue expos, you’ll feel like you’re already on vacation, looking far back on those terrible old days of commutes and lunchrooms.  “Trip” made me open my windows for the first time of the season; sniff the air and look up at the clouds; typical me, but when I did it, I was chilllllllllllllllllllleeed ooouuuut.  God bless smooth strums on Fenders and vague drug references.  

“Trip” — with its spliced beat and scratchy background noise, its dynamite chill vibe and jungle-noise atmospherics, not to mention the spot-on vocals — is strong enough to stand on its own. It’s a journey through a misty musical rainforest. But instead of feeling the humidity, all you feel are cool breezes and and the tickle of grass underfoot.

When love can’t (or won’t) come through, and the promise of Heaven isn’t enough on a Monday, songs like this one will do just fine. Just fine.

Trip by Vacationer

Then we get to the hand-cam style video that begins with champagne wishes (and glasses) carried by balloons over a gorgeous waterfall. That gives way to — what else — a breakdancer on a cliff. And from there we see the natural world in tune with the music, giving off the same vibe one gets merely from listening to the song. It’s fantastic stuff, and it simply fell into our laps.

Download the song for the price of just an email address on Vacationer’s [official site].

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Sean AND Matt

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