Falcon: “Say Goodbye”

Brooklyn band Falcon have one of the more interesting backstories I’ve heard. The group began as Neil Rosen on vocals and guitar along with friend Shannon Ferguson on lead guitar. The pair started making music as a way to bring alive the songs of childhood friend Jared Falcon, who was institutionalized and stopped writing music at age 13. So the band’s initial work was a different kind of tribute — adding depth to tracks frozen in time (1988 to be exact), fleshing out tunes the world would otherwise never hear.

Falcon have made 15 of their friend’s songs come alive, but have grown into a foursome and written plenty of their own material as well. After putting out a self-titled EP, the band is self-releasing its first LP Disappear on May 17. The rhythmic, echoing guitar-rock of “Say Goodbye” is the first taste they offer of the upcoming record. It’s really a wonderful song, with pulsing drumbeats looped over the normal percussion and those electric licks, and Neil Rosen doing just the right amount of brooding with some able-bodied vocals. It’s a smoky, jangling treat.

Falcon – Say Goodbye by The Wounded Jukebox

[Official Site]  [Facebook]  [Bandcamp]



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