Interview: Tune-Yards


Hoopla.  There’s been a lot of it surrounding this woman.  Merril Garbus is Tune-Yards, spelled with sequences of capital and lower-case letters (you’re a die-hard if you still do), her music is the most extraordinary kind of unique.  Much has changed for her since her release of Bird-Brains back in 2008.  First it was a “Sunlight” single and then it was a big lable re-release and now we’re watching music videos and reading features in Rolling Stone.  But it was upon Bird-Brains we were doting when we got the chance to sit down and speak with Ms. Garbus.  Sean and I spoke with her last year, and we discussed, among many things, her plans for her then 2nd album, which came out today.  Including (our suggestion) a collaboration with The Roots.  Didn’t happen.  BUT, the glorious W H O K I L L is now bunches of good wrapped up in all the flavors.  If haven’t heard her, travel downwards just a bit to find out how interesting her music can be.

Here’s a second chance to gain a little insight into what tUnE-yArDs was thinking one year ago, and learn where Merril Garbus came from, in her own words.

TWJ’s 2010 Interview w/ tUnE-yArDs

I’m struggling with this second record, and I think part of it is now I have to ask for help in order to create the sounds I want to hear. And it doesn’t mean anything less about me that I can’t do every step of the process.

-Merill Garbus (2010)

Tune-Yards – Bizness by The Wounded Jukebox

Tune Yards – Fiya by The Wounded Jukebox

*This is my absolute favorite video.  See if you can spot the Beirut front man in the crowd.*

Tune Yards-Doorstep(Paris) by BrianEllison

Tuneyards-album-hi-res (W H O K I L L is available now from 4ad Records)

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