The Heavenly States: “Model Son”

It’s hard to believe The Heavenly States have been around for nearly a decade. One would think that with all the energy they put into their catchy, hook-laden rock songs, and to touring behind those tunes, that the band’s engine would’ve run out of steam. But “Model Son,” the first single off the band’s most recent output Oui Camera Oui proves they’re just as adept as ever at creating a songs that beg for repeated listens. Spoon’s Britt Daniel is a big fan, and even helped out on the album.

Complete with bouncy guitar riffs, handclaps and a tongue-in-cheek analysis of the world going to hell in a handbasket, this song is a winner. The band have fashioned a song that could find a home among the hits of alt-rock radio but is still undeniably THS. It’s now a goal of mine to see “Model Son” performed live. Oui Camera Oui is out now on Hippies Are Dead.

The Heavenly States – Model Son by The Wounded Jukebox

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