The National: “Exile Vilify”

Someday, I’ll see Matt Berninger and the brothers Dessner and Devendorf live in concert. I won’t get into it, but thus far it seems life’s forces have conspired against that event ever happening. But the growing, ever-changing list of songs I dream of seeing and hearing The National play in person grew by one more this past week. “Exile Vilify” is a tune the band penned specifically for the upcoming release of the video game Portal 2. It seems that, no matter what the project, these five guys are capable of producing beautiful music.

As is the case with much of The National’s catalog of tunes, “Exile Vilify” — with its impossibly gorgeous piano melody, the strings that swirl in and out of the background and Berninger’s unmistakable baritone  — evokes a sense of wonder in me. Somehow this band from Cincinnati always manages to impress me. “Exile Vilify” is 4 minutes and 45 seconds of fantastic.

The National – Exile Vilify by The Wounded Jukebox

[Official site]  [Portal 2 site]



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