Purity Ring: Ungirthed 7″


With music that’s overtly fun and experimental, I’m STILL trying to reconcile the band name with the style.  Purity Ring (not to be confused with The Purity Ring) is a lone wolf separated from the San Francisco band Gobble Gobble.  Members Corin Roddick and Meg(h)an James now reside in New York, slipping into trance raves and rap battles to copy down the best bits and beats.  They combine Dub-Step and Hip-Hop grooves back at their secret base that’s filled with shards of shiny things and Tibetan tapestries.  This mesh is espesh-ially smooth on the first song from their Ungirthed 7”, where “Ungirthed” begins with a street scene Mike Jones would be comfortable in.  But then unexpectedly, a tiny white girl steps into view instead, and sets words into place that sound and look and feel perfect for the moment.  The pacing of James’s vocals are what get me; the emphasis and syncopation just seem to tear at that mushy center of my brain that’s vulnerable to the catchy things in life.

Purity Ring- Ungirthed by TheDiscoverialist

No surprise that it’s been remixed and welcomed into Rap songs:
Ungirthed (Rap Remix) [Original by Purity Ring] by Jack of Co.Z

Yet, the B-side on the 7” might just be the whole alphabet.  “Lofticries”- besides being a exceptional word to have in your mouth (say it, say LOFTICRIES)- is simultaneously paralyzing and motivating.  The dancing keyboard candy beats belie a rapid pacing, but the throbbing pulse of the deeper tones are a throne the whole song seems to sink into.  Not to mention the lyrics, which are altogether self-sacrificial and doom rendering.

Purity Ring – Loftcries by The Wounded Jukebox

Again, the music of Purity Ring has got me trying to adjudicate two completely different worlds into a comfy home in my mind.  Unfortunately, when you look up the word Purity Ring, the Jonas Brothers seem to be the first at bat, but the music of the same name speaks of nothing but wild abandon of rules and promises.  And it works; it’s a-ok and super music that’s in the highlight of its sexuality.

-I saw these videos before I knew the band’s name, so they’re the source of my formative opinions.  They’re quite interesting.

The clip for “Ungirthed” was made by video artist The Tearist, and edits scenes from Bruce Connor’s 1966 visual art film, Breakaway.

Warning: It’s wild and NSFW.

And the second (unofficial) video created by David Dean Burkhart features scenes from the 1974 Swedish film entitled Thriller: A Cruel Picture which, supposedly, is one of the inspirations for the movie Kill Bill.  Ellie Driver anyone?

ungirthed-seven-inch (The Ungirthed 7” is available now from Transparent)

[Purity Ring Tumblr Website] [Myspace] [Facebook]



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