Therapies Son: “Rose Red Rose”

It’s sort of astonishing that Therapies Son consists only of 19-year old Alex Jacob. When you hear the Antlers-esque vocals, it sounds like a far more weathered singer. And the music here sounds like trippy 60’s pop filtered through dreamy chillwave grooves. Throughout his six-song Over The Sea EP, Jacob shows the listener he’s an expert at building layer upon layer of rhythm and noise, only to allow it to fade to a whisper before BOOM, that beat and fun, funky hook is back quite suddenly. It’s a tricky thing to pull of consistently without sounding like you’re trying to jerk the audience awake. But Jacob does it quite well.

So many bands come to mind when listening to Jacob’s debut — MGMT, Antlers, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Dr. Dog, even The Beatles. But these songs grab and won’t let go. The song “Still I Call” is the best example of this, with its multiple sound and tempo shifts that keep the listener pleased but intrigued, ready for more. We posted earlier about Purity Ring, and Jacob occupies the same label, Transparent Recs. Well they’ve got two gems on their hands, because if this EP from Therapies Son is any indication, there’s some even more stellar stuff coming our way.

Therapies Son – Rose Red Rose by lepunkbourgeois

Therapies Son – Touching Down by TransparentRecs

Download the whole EP for just $3.99 with the Bandcamp link below.

Over The Sea Cover Art

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