The Leisure Society: “This Phantom Life”


It must be the tiny salad I just ate, because I’m not normally this weak.  For a hooky Pop song to worm it’s way into my brain tangles on the FIRST listen?  Bah…tomatoes.  Symphonic twirlers, The Leisure Society, with all their fanciful percussion and luxurious string embellishments, make a really really good song in “This Phantom Life”.  The U.K….count ‘em, 1, 2…octet is releasing their sophomore album entitled Into The Murky Water on May 2nd, with this belle of a ballad first released as a single tomorrow, 4/25.  And while they’ve already won me over with the Wes Anderson nod of a picture above, they’re continually slipping me the good stuff from their 2009 record, The Sleeper.  It’s like if Simon & Garfunkel suddenly realized they didn’t NEED to be that lonely pair, and embraced love and peace and understudies.  So let’s hand it to all those girls who played flutes in middle school and grew up to be in a band (marry me Amy).  And, more importantly, let us celebrate groups of musicians that can set their E-G-O teddy bears aside, and join into a collective…just to make. really.  good. (DEEP breath) …music.  Siiiiigh.

This Phantom Life (Edit) by The Leisure Society

<This is an edit of the single, out tomorrow.  To listen to the whole thang, with 2 extra minutes of fun, visit the Soundcloud page.>

Fancy a video?  Try this one; starring the band and Mark Heap – directed by Tom Haines.

The Leisure Society ‘Pancake Day’ by fulltimehobby

leisure (Into The Murky Water will be available 5/2/11 from Full Time Hobby)

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