Kate Maki: “Lose My Mind”

KateMakiHiResMy cup of sympathy runneth over.  Kate Maki is a school teacher by day, songwriter by…the spare milliseconds you have when you’re not preparing and grading and cutting and gathering and filing and computering.  The sympathy comes from the dichotomy that a daytime world of children brings you.  Being an educator myself (confession, not a proclamation), I can say that it’s sometimes not the true reality you end up experiencing the majority of your day.  Teachers can tell you; it’s a mad world of tiny bladders and greasy fingers.  When someone returns their lunch to the external world, you can’t just pull your new shoes from the danger zone, you’ve got to TAKE CHARGE?

There’s also much love and joy to be found in the profession, don’t get me wrong, but just as her brand new song senti-mates, “I’m bound to ‘Lose My Mind’, watch me fall.”  Her words continue to wind around a lovely country trail with an understated tone of feeling just completely out of control within long moments in time.  It comes from her fifth record, Moonshine, out 5/24.  My mind, not quite lost, heard a twinge of early (and occasional) Laura Veirs in her voice, but with a wider willingness to let the music ripple and loosen the way it will.  It’s a nice song.  Especially after a day of trying to teach Probability and the area of Prisms.  Thanks Ms. M.

Download “Lose My Mind” below.
Kate Maki – Lose My Mind by The Wounded Jukebox

VRG LP jacket template (Moonshine is available 5/24/11 from Confusion Unlimited)

[Kate Maki Website] [Myspace] [LastFM]



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