Zoo Kid: Puberty’s Present

zoo kid

And seriously, his voice must have just changed because Archy Marshall, or Zoo Kid,  is barely 16 years old.  Young age is typically a gimmick music journalists latch onto, and it’s a disservice to most of the talented young adults out there. But the voice that comes out of his narrow throat is a deep and weathered cockney Buddy Holly on the tail end of a love binge.  It surprises you every time you compare the face to the song.  Every song thus far has an intimacy due to bedroom recording techniques used.  There is something about sitting on your bed that makes you feel a-ok, don’t it?  Since 2010 and his debut single, “Out Getting Ribs”, he’s recorded a slew of other stand-alone singles, each with a feeling that he’s just been grounded and sent to his room.  Life is DONE and O-ver and terrible.  Though, with the possible exception of “A Lizard State”.  Which “changes perspectives” and actually “is about reptiles”: that is, reptiles that cheat and afck and dance.  He’s got school and kisses and driving lessons to get through, but after all that, he can put that whiskey voice upon a golden road to gigsville.  The South East Londoner has a rabid fan base to serve.

ZOO KID – Out Getting Ribs (Jack Deezl Remix) by Jack Deezl

Zoo Kid – Ocean Bed by Gruff Trade

Greyscale by Zoo Kid by Pierre-Elie

Zoo Kid – A Lizard State by Azulistens

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