Principe Valiente: “In My Arms”

Principe ValienteSo I’m leaving this Earth.  There’s a double rainbow outside my window for the 2nd time today and it’s obviously been sent to bring me to Candy Land.  I even have a song to exit to: “In My Arms” by the Swedish Principe Valiente (translated as Prince Valiant).  Standing alone in the middle of the street, and just in time for the opening guitar chords to kick in (0:14), I’ll slowly look up with an intense gaze towards the horizon.  And as Fernando Honorato’s Interpol/Editor wail pierces the veil, I’ll walk all dramatic-like.  Cause it’s only with a Shoegaze Post-Punk anthem that anyone can hope to leave this world with panache.  Folks will try to stop me, shout and scream at me that Candy Land is just a board game and gum disease is really painful;  but in perfect synchronization with Joakim Janthe’s percussion kicks and Alexander Lehto’s frett threat (1:12), I’ll dodge and block and scurry my way past them all.  As as soon as Honorato’s vocals hit their grandest octave (1:55), I’ll start running; flying and leaping over sleeping dogs and deep puddles and other deceptively dangerous items.  Nothing can hold me back while this song is playing, until finally (4:06), I ferociously kick down the door in the colors, knock Roy G. Biv’s glasses off, and claim my due candy from all those Halloweens I wasn’t allowed to experience.

We went to buffets or sat in the house with the lights off…listening to the doorbell ring.  But we never answered… …I would’ve been a pirate.  Every.  Damn.  Year.

This song is bloody brilliant.
PRINCIPE VALIENTE “In My Arms” by Hidden-Treasure-Music

So apparently there’s already a video for this song (directed by Henning Cronheim), and it’s really neat, what with the long lens shots down hallways and the low back drop lighting and all.  But I like my idea better.  Less sexual frustration.

principe (Eponymous Principe Valiente is available now via Paris Music)

[Principe Valiente Website] [Facebook] [Myspace]



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