Lucy Rose: “Bikes”

lucy rose

Lucy Rose is one of our 24 Women to Watch in 2011. She literally began her musical career underground; practicing her chords and learning to sing in a basement before absconding to North London where she’s now writing, performing and recording her new (and first) full-length album. Most recently, she’s been touring with Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC) in support of their acoustic record, Flaws. Her contributing vocals are perfect on the album, with a solitary shore scene inside her voice. Check out the video for “Flaws” below.

But ever so slightly, as is her way, songs are being revealed through her live shows. Teasers on YouTube show doc footage of her tour and her recording process in the studio. The video titled “Road Trip” actually features a beautiful song entitled “Gamble Like I Used To”. It’s a must see/listen.

Her most robust song to date, “Bikes”, features roller-coaster guitar work and bright percussive flashes that are entirely new from Rose: she took her time with BBC to heart. We can expect more beautiful surprises from her when she releases a yet unnamed single in July and a similarly mysterious album later this year! Believe me, we’ll be back with news as soon as we hear anything. We’re excited to hear more.

Lucy Rose – Bikes by The Wounded Jukebox

Lucy Rose – First (Live Acoustic) by The Wounded Jukebox

03 Middle Of The Bed by Black Book Management

[Lucy Rose Myspace] [Facebook] [Twitter]



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