Francisco the Man: Broken Arrows Single

It sounds weird, but sometimes there are moments when you wish a song would end, just so you can have the pleasure of pressing play again.  Southern California’s Francisco the Man made that happen for me with their double-side for “Broken Arrows”.  Nestor Romero (Bass); Abdeel Ortega (Drums); Brock Woolsey (Guitar / Keys); Scotty Cantino (Vocals / Guitar) all contribute a genre-filled room in each song.  “Broken Arrows” gives you time to sit and appreciate what you love, waiting patiently until you’re ready to hear the next level in the sound.  Cantino’s guitar bleeds a shoegaze mantra, but his vocals burst and brighten like a shy kid’s debut at a talent show.  At the same time, Romero’s low lines, Woolsey’s brush strokes and Ortega’s steady pace are building the framework that allows Cantino to explore so widely.  “Broken Arrows” won me over when it finally clicked, that at the 2:40 mark, they were just gonna jam for another 4.  What a great choice.

Broken Arrows by Franciscotheman

The single’s bottom side is the trailing wonder “Franklin Ave”.  It steps effortlessly into the spot where “Broken Arrows” fades; a boy with no curfew, walking slowly on the road home.  It sounds like perfect contentedness.  Listen to both loud; one immediately after the other.  You’ll notice that each song can be played repeatedly in it’s own loop.  But they do serve a purpose to one another; by lending a hand to you for a guided tour of a sunset.  You’ll be wishing the pair would end, just so you can press play again.
Franklin Ave by Franciscotheman

Both of these songs are free, but we recommend you go a step further to support the band and drop a little coin on their 2010 With Friends Like You EP.  It’s further niceties in sound form.

Broken Arrows (The Broken Arrows single is available now)

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