Truth: “Got It Made”

Truth I’m not adept at describing the “Raps” and the “Hip-Hops”.  Words like “beat” and “drop” and “groove” are thrown around in blind hopes that you’ll understand somehow.  Typically, when I hear the said genres, it either fits perfectly like a key in an underused lock or it crashes harshly against my sensibilities.  *No, those women shouldn’t be called all those turrible names by those men who barely know them, nor what their minds have to offer, N-O they shouldn’t.*  But a key arrived in our inbox by the name of Truth, a cultural guardian from Akron, Ohio.  “Got It Made” is the professorial lead single for his upcoming In The Meantime EP (Trés Le Sant).  There’s a real intelligence behind every nuance in the hooky track.  The fading sample intro is the perfect teaser, with Truth’s take following immediately like a blinding news update.  And the string/brass laden backing throughout is absolutely PERFECT.  It gives a bigger feel to life every time you listen.  More of this, and Hip-Hop could be saved right now.  Even though Truth paints himself as a family man, with half his woes relating to his children’s future, he STILL he manages to come off as the freshest thing on the block.  “Got It Made” is really good song, and we’re looking forward to hearing more honesty from Truth.


Truth – Got It Made by Truth Music

[Truth Twitter] [Soundcloud]



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  1. #1 by Nathan Byers on May 1, 2011 - 2:34 PM

    Wow. I’m from Ohio and never realized we had such essence and talent around here. Tip of my hat to TWB for bringing this to my attention.

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