Video: Hooray For Earth – “True Loves”

Hooray For Earth press1 Terrible name.  Though you can’t exactly thrash all upon it can you?  If you did that, you’d be…against Earth, and therefore an even more terrible person.  And who’d do that?  Not me.  Hooray For Earth are free with their spending money.  If they see a shiny fancy sound, it’s immediately added to their cart o’ goods.  And when it’s full, they go home and cook them all up in a textured/spicy three-course dinner.  If you’re a minimalist, the New York quartet won’t suffer a starving belly in their house.  Best get your belt loose.  Their music is extremely generous; giving simultaneous Pop and Club vibes at a galloping pace.  And I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they soared around like airplanes on their show stages; arms and smiles wide.

Their new video for “True Loves” is a story piece with g-orgeous back drops of scenery that suit the song snugly.  The rattatats on the aluminum walls lead perfectly into the bass entries and aaAaaahs.  It all contributes to the clip’s portrayal of a fugitive at large in an alien world.  The hunter and the hunted seem to understand their roles quite well.  Until…

The True Loves single came out 4/26 complete with 6 different remixes.  The most interesting being by Cereal Spiller.
Hooray For Earth – True Loves by Dovecote Records

Hooray For Earth “True Loves” (Cereal Spiller Remix) by Cereal Spiller

True Loves (The Wild Honey Pie Buzzsessions) – Hooray for Earth by thewildhoneypie

hooray-for-earth (The True Loves single is available now from Dovecote Records)

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