Germany Germany: “Just Go”

She’s had it. They both have, really. There just isn’t the same spark in their relationship anymore. They went out to dinner last night — it was a nice place, candlelight, fancy decor and lovely ambiance — and, for much of the meal, there was just silence. Blank stares. Maybe it’s time to call it quits. Perhaps the early months were just lightning in a bottle.

The second single from Germany Germany, aka one-man band Drew Harris, made me envision the following breakup scenario. It’s not hard to hear why. The beats, though they offer a little punch, are sedated. The vocals, and the phrase they repeat, communicate frustration, surrender, perhaps acceptance: If you think you’re better off alone… Just go. The song is an interesting turn for Harris, whose first single “Take Me Home” tore up the Hype Machine charts, but at a much louder, faster pace.

“Take Me Home” was so popular because Harris’ gift was evident there as well. He constructs wonderful electronic landscapes that can make you tap your toes and let your mind wander; can help create a story in your head. With “Just Go,” Harris has joined forces with the uniquely talented Steffaloo — who has also teamed up with electronic splicemaster Blackbird Blackbird — for some guy-girl harmony that plays nicely.

Germany Germany lists one of its categories on Bandcamp as being “electrogaze,” which I think fits rather nicely. It has the reverbed, angsty melancholy of shoegaze but beats with an electronic pulse. Check out “Just Go” and “Take Me Home” below. His debut full-length Adventures is due out May 15.

Germany Germany – Just Go ft. Steffaloo (alt. mix) by The Wounded Jukebox

Germany Germany – Take Me Home by The Wounded Jukebox

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