Washed Out: “Eyes Be Closed”

Washed Out IMG_3385

Serenity now.  I just got back from the auto repair, where I had to plunk down more change than my kindness could bear.  Something about torque on a wheel bearing post, and how weather and rain can seal the lug nut to the bolt over time?????  Not happy.  Serenity now.

And so I fall an easy victim to Ernest Greene’s brand of expression.  As Washed Out he’s made some of my favorite ways to relax and unwind.  Call it Chillwave, call it Blissbell, call it whatever: it does as the name implies.  Today he’s released his lead off track from his forthcoming (July 12th) album Within and Without.  He’s (newly) signed on to debut his first full-length through Sub Pop.  No small matter.  But the track, “Eyes Be Closed”, comes upon you like an instantaneous tide.  Pressing play is like pulling a chord that releases the ebb and flow of Greene’s customary warble.  It’s difficult to pick out his words, but that actually serves a purpose.  You’re SUPPOSED to LET GO.  Don’t worry about what he’s saying and meaning behind it.  All that’s required of you is to float and drift.  Serenity…now.

Washed Out – “Eyes Be Closed” by Stereo/Pirate

Download this song (for the price of an email) here.

Washed Out – Eyes Be Closed (SposhRock Remix) by sposhrock

Track Listing

Within And Without:

01 “Eyes Be Closed”
02 “Echoes”
03 “Amor Fati”
04 “Soft”
05 “Far Away”
06 “Before”
07 “You and I”
08 “Within and Without”
09 “A Dedication”

I was there for this, leaning against a tree in the back crowd on day 3 of Pitchfork fest.  I was far too sober and I was listening with my eyes open.  Not correct.  As the man says: “Eyes Be Closed”.

WASHED-OUT-WITHIN-AND-WITHOUT-575x574 (Within and Without is available 7/12/11 via Sub Pop)

[Washed Out Artist Page] [Facebook] [Myspace] [Greene’s Blog]



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