Yarn Owl: “Stare Into Night”

Bandcamp foraging can be a fruitful endeavor. From Pullman, Washington comes Yarn Owl, another dynamite entry into the ever-growing Northwest folk scene. Bands like Fleet Foxes, Blitzen Trapper and Band of Horses have been among the gems to come out of the flannel-wearing, beard-sporting genre. The band’s first full-length album, the 10-song Montana Y Caballo, was released March 1 via the group’s Bandcamp page. It is more than worth the $5 the band is charging.

Yarn Owl’s sound is akin to those bands I previously mentioned, but they certainly have their own spin on folk rock (emphasis on the rock part). The entire album is full of gorgeous melodies, driven by soaring, shimmering guitars and wonderful vocals. These songs feel like they could fill pavilions and arenas just as well as more intimate settings. That’s a testament to each track’s ability to get its claws into you.

Let the delicious electric guitar hooks wash over you, and imagine seeing these guys live. I’ll bet it’s quite the treat — they’ve toured in support of bands like The Helio Sequence, The Grand Archives and Fruit Bats. Buy the album over at Yarn Owl’s bandcamp page. It’s a soothing, rewarding listen.

Yarn Owl – Stare Into Night by The Wounded Jukebox

Montaña Y Caballo Cover Art

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