Dog Is Blue: “Southern Ontario”

Paul Watson and Laura Heaney have got a good thing going. The Toronto garage-folk duo harmonize vocally and overlap all kinds of instruments to create a really unique, pleasing sound. Watson’s nearly-spoken delivery coupled with Heaney’s wonderful singing voice, some banjo and glockenspiel — and some viola from guest Anna Atkinson to boot! — generate the warmth and earnestness necessary to make folk music resonate.

The song seems to be about weaving one’s way back to a long lost love, all the while hoping you’ve improved yourself sufficiently to feel worthy of their love. Heaney is a successful portrait artist when she’s not making music; Watson builds amps and guitar pedals and works for an online Canadian independent music store. It’s the kind of background one imagines keeps a person humble but hungry, and Dog Is Blue channel that genuine passion into low-key folk tunes.

Dog Is Blue’s sophomore LP Tortoise is due out May 17.

Dog Is Blue – Southern Ontario by The Wounded Jukebox

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