James Kelly Pitts: “Kettle”

Sometimes a song just kind of grabs a hold of you, and it’s hard to explain why. Is it the weary voice that communicates some kind of forlornness? Is it the drum machine that kicks in and keeps the beat from about the 30-second mark on? Is it that wavering guitar — the kind that sounds as if it’s being listened to through the heat waves of some giant campfire? I don’t know, but James Kelly Pitts’ “Kettle” put its hand on my shoulder and, after multiple listens, put its arm around me and rocked me gently back and forth.

Pitts is a folk-pop artist from Seattle, and he’s set to self-release his debut album this summer. A cut like “Kettle” is sure to win over plenty of fans. Pitts vocals are understated, never too high or too low. He finds a baseline and just sort of hovers along it, beckoning the listener in with his interesting storytelling. With the weather in my neck of the woods being awfully dreary, his words resonate particularly well with the rumble of thunder overhead.

I make myself tea in an orange kettle 
a woman gave to me it was her grandmother’s 
and I’m not getting out of bed today 
the world is frozen and the sky is grey

Check out “Kettle” below and visit Pitts’ soundcloud page for a couple more offerings. If the mood strikes you like it did me after listening.

James Kelly Pitts – Kettle by The Wounded Jukebox

Kettle Cover Art

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