Giraffage: Pretty Things EP

giraffage Do you know what sounds your brain makes when it’s high on antihistamines?  I do.  And so does San Francisco’s Charlie Yin.  As Giraffage (Giraffe-age/Giraf-fage?), he balls up waves into tiny things, then lobs them onto a rhythm, one after the other.  Much like a cough-induced migraine does to your temples.  But this is the GOOD kind of erosion.  The kind that can cause landslides of blank stares and slow head-rocking.  His brand new 4-track Pretty Things EP was released May 1st.  In the email he sent us, he recommended we focus on two songs: “Fnord” and “Waste Yr Time”.  But all four songs serve a purpose to one another, lending an ease here and a soothe there.  The opener, “A Bird In Hand”, is a rapid-transit air tunnel, bringing us straight to “Fnord” with plenty of scenery along the way.  And “Eschaton” mimics a skipping record, stuck exactly on your favorite part.  It can get old, but not for a few years yet.  “Waste Yr Time” is actually the least of my favorites, with dragging synths and a chipmunk voice overlay.  But considering the quality of production on all four songs, that’s not saying much.  They’re all headphone worthy.

A Bird In Hand by Giraffage

Waste Yr Time by Giraffage

And his reshuffle of “The Morning” emphasizes the lower density things in life. Check it out too.
The Weeknd – The Morning (Giraffage Remix) by Giraffage

Download the Pretty Things EP for free at Giraffage’s Bandcamp (click “buy now”, and set price as zero).  But we suggest giving a bit ‘o green.  Quality deserves a quantity.

cover (The Pretty Things EP is available now)

[Giraffage Website] [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [Soundcloud]



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