Torpedo: “Islands In Eternity”

Torpedo_wftf_press_mathias_sterner_2 You should listen to/download Torpedo’s “Islands In Eternity” because:

  • Star Trek-esque sonic colors streamed throughout
  • A stoner’s dream guitar pacing
  • Heavily influenced by Kraftwerk and Berlin era Bowie
  • The track and its remixes are free

The rest is up to you to discover.  Just around the 5 minute mark is where it struck me; they’re not playing music, they’re painting an expressionist mural on a skyscraper.  KrautPop may or may not be a foreign genre for you (it was for me).  If it is, TWJ recommends you to start your journey with Torpedo and their new album; WE.  It’s hope in the future.

Islands In Eternity by flagstone

On to the Islands [Richard Brain remix] by flagstone

Islands In Eternity [Wahlström & Valiant Remix] by flagstone

*Also from WE*

Waiting For The Fall [Single Version] by flagstone


(The Islands In Eternity EP is available now from Assembly Line)

[Torpedo Website] [Tumblr] [Facebook] [Myspace]



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